The vision of CRES is to bring together academia, industry, government and society in order to integrate systems thinking into everyday decision-making.


The mission of CRES is to create a supporting environment for cross-disciplinary and cross-sectoral activities that promote the development and implementation of innovative ideas to address complex global issues.

Strategic Objectives

We will deliver our mission through the following strategic objectives:

  1. Create a trans-disciplinary knowledge exchange platform in the area of sustainability to promote collaboration across academia and society and develop innovative ideas to solve complex global issues through communications and events.  
  2. Identify gaps in knowledge and expertise that are hindering the implementation of sustainable solutions for environmental, societal and economic challenges.
  3. Provide education and training to students and practitioners in industry, government and the civil sector to a) Foster leadership in the fields of sustainability, environment and energy and b) Integrate systems thinking into decision-making; while remaining adaptive to respond to emerging demands for new sustainable systems expertise.
  4. Provide scientific evidence for strategic direction and solutions for sustainability challenges to policy makers, industry leaders and civil society.


CollaborativeFostering communication across disciplines and sectors
OpenBeing transparent and receptive to criticism and new ideas and perspectives
InnovativePromoting the whole systems approach to sustainability
InclusiveEmbracing differences in approaches, norms, values and preferences
RigorousApplying scientific scrutiny to all proposed solutions
SupportiveCreating an effective platform for stimulating change